Our clinicians draw from several different models to help client’s meet their needs including; play therapy, client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and couples/family therapy. Each treatment plan is tailored to the client in order to provide individual care. Our clinicians work with individuals, children, and families struggling with a variety of life’s challenges. Probasco & Associates specialize in the following challenges; mood disorders, eating disorders, couples/family, adoption/attachment, and childhood educational & developmental challenges.



Play Therapy:


We view play therapy as a creative approach in using toys, play, and art to help children and adolescents make sense of their thoughts, feelings and life experiences.


Family Therapy:


We view family therapy from a systemic perspective, believing that individual functioning can be a manifestation of the way a family functions. We work to change dysfunctional patterns and hope to create healthy ways of interacting.




We view couples therapy as an effort to recognize and to better managing or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. We work to secure the healthy attachment of couples and their families.



Love me when I least deserve it because that’s when I need it the most.

-Swedish Proverbs